Holiday Loans

If your dream of a holiday is still out of reach, a holiday loan could be the answer. Taking out this unsecured loan allows you to take the holiday of a lifetime, get away for a much needed break, visit family abroad or attend an overseas wedding, paying for it at a later date.

What is a holiday loan?

This is an unsecured loan that is used to fund a holiday.

How much can I borrow?

As with any loan, your credit score will be assessed to determine the amount you can borrow.

Is a holiday loan a better option than paying for the holiday with a credit card?

The interest rates associated with a holiday loan are usually far less than a credit card. Holiday loans are also easier to manage thanks to their fixed term and fixed interest rates.

And finally…

Before you jet off, don’t forget to check that your passport is in date and that you have bought travel insurance. It is always a good idea to leave details of your trip with friends and family back home in case they need to reach you. Keep your valuables such as cash, traveller’s cheques, tickets and passports safely locked away and last, but not least, enjoy your holiday!