Wave is a credit card provider with flexibility at its core. Set up by British bank Chetwood Financial, the Wave credit card uses technology to make it quick, clear, and flexible to use. The app-based card allows you to control your payments and spending from the touch of a button, ideal for those on the go.  

The Wave credit card is designed with credit building in mind, but also has other features that you can take advantage of. If you’re approved for a Wave credit card, you can use it straight away using either Apple Pay or Google Pay, meaning there’s no time lost waiting for it to arrive in the post.  

They also allow three days grace periods for late payments, giving you room to breathe when life doesn’t quite go to plan. The Wave app also comes with real-time alerts, the ability to track your spending and the option to opt in or out of credit limit increases.  

Wave Credit Card 

  • Score booster card 
  • Maximum credit limit: £1,750 


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