118 118 Money

118 118 Money designs financial solutions with the aim of keeping life simple and hassle-free. Launched back in 2013, they wanted to shake up the financial services industry by providing borrowers with products that help them pick up good money habits and can improve their credit score.

The 118 118 Money credit cards come with a guaranteed credit limit, guaranteed APR and guaranteed zero fees. And yes, they really do mean zero fees. You won’t be charged for late payments, foreign transactions, cash withdrawals or for getting a copy of your statements. There may be cases where a third-party ATM charges a fee to use their service, however. So be mindful of this if you do decide to withdraw cash using a 118 118 Money credit card.


118 118 Money Credit Cards

  • Score booster cards
  • Credit limits from £500 to £1,200

118 118 Money

Our lenders and partners

You know, we don’t work with just anyone. We only work with trusted UK lenders and credit card providers that will help you find your best borrowing option.