Personal Monthly Budget Planner

Household budget planning – put your finances under the ‘money microscope’ For all the talk of economic growth, returning confidence and positive spin in advance of the looming general election, the reality is that finances remain tight for a large number of UK households. Money management has never been more important, and we believe we’d all benefit from a detailed analysis of our spending under the ‘money-microscope’! Whether you’re finding it hard to make ends meet, considering a large purchase, or perhaps looking at taking a loan out for home improvement; a detailed understanding of where your existing money is going should be the first step. To help you with this we’ve put together a useful monthly budget planner for you to download and share. It allows for all the items that a typical family would spend money on, plus one or two that sometimes ‘fly under the radar’. You can enter direct debits and regular spending, plus estimate spending in other areas, and then log the actual spend at the end of the month. Having such a detailed picture will clearly demonstrate whether you are spending more than you earn, and if so, will illustrate areas where you may be able to save. It is also worth bearing in mind large one-off yearly costs (holiday / Christmas / football season ticket), and making a monthly allowance or saving towards these. Download our monthly budget planner