Looking for clarity and not just choice?

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The effects personal finance paralysis and how to beat it

We are constantly being told to switch to better deals, the problem is which one? With hundreds of options – all offering slightly different features – it’s understandable people pull back. But that delay is costing us an astonishing £18.7billion a year.

Often when searching for finance the choice isn’t real, as it includes options consumers aren’t actually eligible for, leading to frustration and confusion. As a result, you may find yourself delaying or completely avoiding making financial decisions.

How to overcome personal finance paralysis

Freedom Finance aim to make lending decisions easier. We’ve got expert advisors on had to explain the options and jargon, giving you clarity to make the right choice for your circumstances. There are tools like our ‘check eligibility’ which filters out products you’re not likely to get. Quotes are quick and won’t negatively impact your credit score. 

Overcome personal finance paralysis and check your eligibility today.

*Censuswide research of 2,034 UK adults, costs calculated by Professor David Hillier of University of Strathclyde business school, conducted September 2018