How to save money on your wedding

Bride and groom dancing at wedding reception outside in the backyard

With the Royal wedding fast approaching, there is no better time to think about planning your big day! It is probably one of the most expensive milestones in your life, so we’ve pulled together a few tricks to help you save your cash, so you can spend more on the things that matter most.

Book well in advance

We would recommend booking well in advance, as wedding venues and musicians can get booked up as early as two years before! Booking as early as possible can also be more cost effective, as the busier venues yet, the likelier they are to increase their prices.

DIY your favours

There are thousands of DIY wedding ideas on Pinterest. One great way to save is to make DIY wedding favours. For example, making your own mini sweet jars can be much cheaper than purchasing them.

Shop around

As with anything else, shopping around is usually the best way to save money. Visit a few different shops and check prices online before you commit to anything. If you shop around it’s also likely you’ll be more certain when you do make the purchase, if you’ve explored other options.  

Make the most of what you’ve got

Does your neighbour have a fancy car and could drive you to your venue? Know a family member who is good with a camera? It’s worth asking around before you splash the cash on something. You could save £100s if someone is willing to do you a favour!

Don’t be afraid to haggle

You can usually haggle a lower price on most wedding purchases. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal on different aspects of your wedding, such as flowers, the venue and the dress.

If it’s unnecessary, say no

You could go on forever buying things for your wedding day, but you need to draw a line somewhere. If you’re considering a 6 course meal yet its way beyond your budget, you might be better off resisting and choosing a more affordable option. It’s also unlikely your guests will mind!

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