7 savvy ways to save money this Christmas

7 savvy ways to save money this Christmas

It’s not surprising that lots of us get a little worried about covering the cost of Christmas. In fact, according to the Bank of England, a typical UK household will spend an extra £500 in December. And with presents, Christmas dinner and decorations all to pay for, the outgoings quickly add up.

But you know what? Christmas doesn’t have to be quite so pricey. There are actually loads of savvy ways you can keep costs down and avoid that post-Christmas panic. To get you inspired, here are seven money saving ideas to help you through the festive season.

1. Plan those presents

Right, this may sound like a lot of effort but planning your presents is one of best ways to save yourself a bit of cash. Work out your budget before you start spending and hunt around online to find the best deals. Not only will this save you from making spontaneous buys on the high street, but you’ll also find it much easier to keep track of your spending.

2. See if you can get cashback

Did you know you can get back some of the money you spend on gifts? Well, websites like TopCashback and Quidco can help you do just that. You’ll usually get a percentage of what you spend back every time you shop, helping you stretch your budget that bit further.

Many banks also have cashback offers linked to their debit cards, so it’s always worth checking to see if they have any deals you can make the most off.

3. Dive into the sales

Yep, you guessed it - we’re talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although in reality, these sales now tend to span the entire Black Friday weekend. This year, Black Friday falls on 29th November, so make sure you have your gift list ready before then.

Spend the evening before finding the items you need online and saving them to your basket or wish list. Then, when the sale hits, you can checkout without getting distracted by all the other offers and avoid spending more money.

4. Hunt down those discounts

Discount codes are another great way to knock down the price of your Christmas gifts. They’ll usually take a percentage off the cost of your order which can lead to big savings around Christmas. Check out websites like Voucher Codes and MoneySavingExpert for discounts on a wide range of brands.  

December is also a great time to cash in the points you’ve built up on store loyalty cards. Take a look if you can make any savings by paying with points instead of pounds.

5. Be supermarket savvy

Christmas is the time of year when you need to be supermarket savvy. First, see if you can pick up most of your items at a cheaper supermarket. This can bring the cost of your Christmas dinner down significantly. There are also usually good offers on festive treats throughout December, so do your research and shop around for the best buys.

You can also be smart with your meal planning over the festive period. For example, will you have enough leftovers from Christmas Day to cover Boxing Day? Are there any low cost family favourite meals you can make that week to absorb some of the cost? These small savings could help you stay within budget right through to New Year.

6. Set up a secret Santa

If you’ve got multiple siblings you need to buy for, or a friendship group that always exchanges presents, why don’t you suggest setting up a secret Santa? This can be a fun way to save yourself from buying endless gifts, without feeling like you have to miss out.

7. Get crafty

Wrapping paper, Christmas cards, decorations… these little costs all add up. That’s why making your own can be a great money saver. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you with everything from creating decorations to making your own wrapping paper. And, if you’ve got kids, it can be a great afternoon activity too.

From planning your presents to being supermarket savvy, there are loads of ways you can save money this Christmas. Do you know any great money saving tips for December? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.  

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