The question:
What additional support do you provide after I’ve applied for an unsecured loan?

Archie's answer:

Freedom Finance are loan brokers who offer a high level of customer service throughout your loan application. We carry out the initial loan quotation search which has no impact on your credit rating, making searching for the right loan from our panel of lenders as simple and accurate as possible. Once you have applied for a personal loan, Freedom Finance passes your loan application details directly to the partnered lender you have selected and your application with that lender may leave a hard credit search footprint. Once the lender has your loan application it is over to them and they will contact you to discuss the next steps, confirming that your loan has been accepted and arranging the transfer of your funds.

You will then deal with your chosen lender with regards to any queries you have about your loan and they will offer any additional support you may need. Should you have any other questions related to borrowing, there is plenty of information available on our website including ‘Ask Archie’ – where you can view recent and popular questions regarding loans and finance as well as submitting questions of your own.  You can also download a range of comprehensive finance guides packed with useful information regarding your borrowing options and making the most of your money. If you have any other concerns please call our helpdesk on 0800 431 0142 and we can point you in the right direction regarding any additional support you may require.

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