Game of Thrones Rich List (Infographic)

Here at Freedom Finance, we’re huge Game of Thrones fans. If you’ve ever watched the series or read A Song of Ice and Fire then you’ll know how much of a part money plays in the award-winning fantasy drama. Wealth invariably brings power, and GoT proves that there is no exception to the rule – the wealthiest families also tend to be the most influential families.

But what are they actually worth in real money? What is a Gold Dragon worth in pound sterling?

We decided to find out.

Who will be the richest? Scroll down to find out!

[We have interpreted the following figures from research into both George R. R. Martin’s book series and the television drama. However, these figures are in no way factual and have not been verified. This has been made purely for your entertainment and shouldn’t be taken too seriously!]

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Game of Thrones Rich List from Freedom Finance

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